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Windows 7 Starter Edition Install, reinstall and help guides       Windows 7 Starter Edition, Install, reinstall and help guides

How to do a fresh (clean) install of Windows 7 Starter Edition, Windows 7 Starter Edition reinstall, a Windows 7 Starter Edition repair, Windows 7  Parallel install with Vista and XP, Windows 7 OEM installs, and Windows 7 uninstalls

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Repair, Uninstall, Upgrade, reinstall, install and Troubleshooting Microsoft's Windows 7 (Seven) Starter Edition

Windows 7 Starter Edition: Windows 7 Starter makes netbooks easier to use because it puts less between you and what you want to doŚless waiting, less clicking, less hassle connecting to networks. Windows 7 Starter combines the latest in reliability and responsiveness with the familiarity and compatibility of Windows.
Jump Lists - With Windows 7, Microsoft focused on keeping the things you use most right in front of you. One example: The new Jump List feature. It's a handy way to quickly reach the files you've been working with. To see the files you've used recently, just right click on the icon on your taskbar. So right-clicking on the Word icon will show your most recent Word documents. Plus, if there are other files you want to keep handy, you can just pin them to the Jump List.
Improved taskbar and full-screen previews - The taskbar at the bottom of your screen is what you use to switch between the applications you've got open. In Windows 7 you can set the order in which the icons appear and they'll stay put. They're easier to see, too. Click once on the new large icons or bigger preview thumbnails and you're ready to go. You can even see a full screen preview before switching to the window.
Internet Explorer 8 - With innovations to the address bar, search, tabs, and the Favourites bar, Internet Explorer 8 brings you more information, with less effort.
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7 minimal system specs
CD-Rom in 7 Starter Edition BIOS
Hard Drive Missing Guide
Preinstall Checklist
Ways to Reinstall Win7
Windows 7 Forum
Install/Reinstall Win7
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7 Starter Edition New HDD Install
7 Starter Format & Reinstall
Windows 7 Repair Guides
7 Starter Repair Startup Guide

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Microsoft's Windows 7 Starter Edition



  • Features like Jump Lists, Pin, Snap, and Windows Search all make using a netbook simple and easy.

  • Connecting to printers and devices is easier than ever.

  • Windows 7 Starter supports the latest hardware and software.

  • Joining home networks with other PCs running Windows 7 is easy and simple.

  • Connecting to wireless networks is easy and fast.

  • Internet Explorer 8 improves the safety of web browsing.


Upgrade to Windows 7 Starter Edition with updates

Upgrade to Windows 7 Starter Edition without updates

UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 7 : Before you install or purchase Windows 7 you should make sure that your computer is compatible, click here for hardware and system requirements plus run upgrade advisor. Click here. This will allow you to checkout your system before you purchase or open the Windows 7 packaging. Click here for Upgrade to 7 Starter Edition (Without updates) step by step Guide or  Upgrade Starter Edition to 7 Starter Edition (With updates) stip by step guide

  Click here for Windows 7  Upgrade Advisor

All versions of 7 are available in our astore's at: and



Faster, more responsive performance - Nobody likes to wait. So Microsoft have focused on the basics that can impact the speed of your PC. Windows 7 starts up, shuts down, resumes from standby, and responds faster. You'll have fewer interruptions and can recover more quickly from problems when they do occur because Windows 7 will help you fix them when you want.

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